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International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Forum is an information security event featuring comprehensive conference programme showcasing the most relevant information, security solutions and products.

The forum aims to provide intellectually fertile platform for exchange of ideas, concepts, perspectives and opinions on cutting edge cyberspace ecosystem issues. And also to examine and analyze the emerging Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity trends of today’s times.

The event will be a wonderful opportunity for networking with the best minds in the cyber ecosystem, multi-disciplinary discussions and debate on critical issues concerning Cyberspace today.


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Data-Driven Defense Evangelist
KnowBe4, INc.

Manager Information Security
Pakistan International Airlines

Information Security Officer
Phoenix GSB

Head of Information security
TPL Corp Pakistan

[Our Timetable]

23 – 29 MAY 2022 – VIDEO STREAM

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Information security management systems

Muhammad Kamran Khan – Pakistan

Security Awareness Education as a First Line of Defense

Malcolm Portelli – Malta

Understanding Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) to Next Generation

Sehrish Mujtaba – Pakistan

How to Improve Any Defense

Roger Grimes – United States

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