21 APRIL 2021 – VIDEO STREAM​ / 05:00 AM – GMT

International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference Conference

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International e-Commerce and Omnichannel Transformation Conference

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive influence on the global development of e-Commerce. Now are creativity and innovation essential for the success in the retail field. The competition is growing and the customers’ expectations are changing rapidly. What will be the main trends to shape e-Commerce in 2021? How to be successful in the crowded digital space? – You will find the answers to this questions presented by leading specialists. Experienced lectors will present their views and best tips on customer engagement,technology, the latest innovations in ecommerce and many more.


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Scantranx Technologies Inc.


Ecommerce manager

Digital Innovation & Transformation expert
B2B2C companies

Director of Business Development

Product & Field Marketing Manager

Global Head of Alliances
6 River Systems

General Manager

Founder & CEO

CTO, Microsoft Regional Director
Connecting Software

Managing partner and marketing director
Tendrik Europe

Conversion Optimisation Specialist

Marketing Director

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The organizers reserve the right to change the program!


05.00 AM - GMT
Official opening

05.00 AM
Omnichannel Retail Solutions and Strategies
Adetunji Adelakun – Canada
05:17 AM
Customer Experience in an Omnichannel
Diego Acuña – Chile
05:21 AM
Creating a Loyalty Program to Increase
eCommerce Sales
Diego Gaminde – Spain
06:36 AM
The new digital customer journey experience – Is to
emphasize digital empathy
Arik Gil – Israel
06:43 AM
Natural Language Processing in Advertising
Tom Griffiths –
United Kingdom

06.55 – 07.10 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

07.10 AM
Digital Transformation 2020-2021
Ines Rivera – United
07:34 AM
How to Build Direct To Consumer Strategy
Sergey Shvets – Ukraine
07:54 AM
Automation in the World of the digital consumer
Guy Courtin – USA
08:17 AM
How to internationalize an eShop
Simone De Ruosi – Italy

08.35 – 08.50 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

08.35 AM
How to build the right platform for e-commerce
processes scaling
Andrey Pavlenko – Ukraine
08:55 AM
Future of eCommerce
Branden Moskwa – Canada
09:22 AM
Enhance your e-Commerce experience with
Artificial Intelligence
Stefano Tempesta – Australia
09:40 AM
3 Facebook Ad Tips for Online Shops
Petar Dyaksov – Bulgaria

09.55 – 10.10 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

10.10 AM
Data Analytics in Supply Chain
Paul Boag – United Kingdom
10:50 AM
Importance of Technical SEO for E-Commerce
Anđjelka Ducić – Serbia

11.30 AM
End of Virtual Conference

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