22-23 APRIL 2021 – VIDEO STREAM​ / 07:00 AM – GMT

FinTech & Digital Banking Innovation Conference. Blockchain & Crypto Finance. Conference

[About Conference]

The Fintech & Digital Banking Innovation Conference.Blockchain & Crypto Finance will feature company presentations, keynote speeches from executives at some of the world’s leading companies, plenty of professional opinions and best practices.

The conference will offer plenty of valuable information on a variety of topics such as data enablement and risk management. The participant will have the chance to learn cutting edge information and view the latest in financial technology.

We look forward to welcoming you!


[Our Speakers]


International Development Banker
Tech Platforms

Manav Khurana

Regional Director
P97 Networks Inc

Dr. Oriol Caudevilla
Hong Kong

Advisor/Management Consultant/FinTech Mentor/Fellow
ixFintech/AirHelp/F10 Incubator & Accelerator/Digital Euro Association

Co-Founder & CEO
Blockchain Consultants

Founder & CEO
Aliph Inc

International Consultant - Fintech

Advisory Board Member
Hyundai DAC

Regional Director

Founder & CEO
Coinstreet Partners

Blockchain Zoo Pte Ltd

Fintech for Good expert


Engagement Director

Global Head of Consumer & SME Business

Global Head of Institution Business

Business Relations Manager Team Lead

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

22 APRIL 2021

GMT 07.00 AM – 08.30 AM – LIVE STREAM

Session 1: Payments. Innovations in the field of payment

  • Tackling the Global Problem of SME Negligence by Traditional Banks
  • Fund Raising in the new normal
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia
  • Road to Cashless Society
  • Q&A


Dr. Oriol Caudevilla – FinTech Mentor, AirHelp, Hong Kong


Ahmed El-Motaz – Founder & CEO, Aliph Inc, United States
Sonny Mohanty – Regional Director, LATOKEN, Singapore
Dr. Oriol Caudevilla – FinTech Mentor, AirHelp, Hong Kong
Makoto Shibata – Head of FINOLAB, FINOLAB Inc.,Japan
07.30 – 07.40 Virtual Coffee Break

GMT 08.40 AM – 10.00 AM – LIVE STREAM

Session 2: Digital Banking & Platforms.

  • Adoption of Blockchain for Governments, Large Enterprises & SMEs
  • The trends we have seen in 2020 on fintechs, neo-banks, responsible innovation and evolving regulatory frameworks.
  • Digital Banking is the future of banking
  • The effect open banking has on the financial ecosystem
  • Q&A


Kaiser Naseem – International Development Banker, Tech Platforms, United Arab Emirates


Anndy Lian – Advisory Board Member, Hyundai DAC, Singapore
Kaiser Naseem – International Development Banker, Tech Platforms, United Arab Emirates
Amit Agrawal – Engagement Director, KPMG, Singapore
Rohit Bammi – Global Head of Institution Business, Nium, Singapore

23 APRIL 2021

GMT 07.00 AM – 08.30 AM  – LIVE STREAM

Session 1: Regulation in Fintech & Regtech.

  • The Business Perspective of STO
  • Wealth & Investments with Legal Insider Trading Data
  • Decoupling Blockchain from Cryptocurrencies
  • Avoiding a Fintech crisis for the unbanked
  • Q&A


Dr. Clemen Chiang – CEO, Spiking,  Singapore


Samson Lee – Founder & CEO, Coinstreet Partners, Hong Kong
Dr. Clemen Chiang – CEO, Spiking,  Singapore
Isabelle Barres – Fintech for Good expert, Independent, United States
07.30 – 07.40 Virtual Coffee Break

GMT 08.40 AM – 10.00 AM – LIVE STREAM

Session 2: Hybrid digital customer experience. Digital engagement post-pandemic.

  • Post-Pandemic Banking
  • The importance of a CBDC in a post-covid-19 world
  • Nuggets from Building India’s First Agri-Fintech Platform on Blockchain
  • Decoupling Blockchain from Cryptocurrencies
  • Q&A


Roberto Capodieci – CEO, Blockchain Zoo Pte Ltd, Singapore


Michael Noel – Co-Founder & CEO, Blockchain Consultants, United States
Elias Tayeh – International Consultant, Fintech, Lebanon
Abhishek Bhattacharya – Co-founder, Whrrl, India
Yogesh Sangle – Global Head of Consumer & SME Business, Nium, Singapore
Roberto Capodieci – CEO, Blockchain Zoo Pte Ltd, Singapore

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