19 APRIL 2021 – VIDEO STREAM​ / 05:00 AM – GMT

Logistic of the Future. Supply Chain Management & Fulfillment Solution Conference Conference

[About Conference]

During the virtual conference, qualified supply chain leaders will share their experience, struggles and proven practices. You will find answers to the following questions:

  • How to work most efficient in the field of supply chain management and fulfillment?
  • What are the main trends in supply chain management in 2021?
  • How to ensure the best customer experience?
  • How to create successful supply chain planning?
  • How is supply chain management changing on a global level?
  • How does Covid-19 pandemic influence the global supply chain planning?
  • How important are technology, automation and AI for the development of supply chain and fulfillment?

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Partner & Director
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Microsoft Regional Director

Consultant & Researcher - Digital Supply Chain

Senior Supply and Demand Manager/Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

Supply Chain Director
Arabian Steel Industries

Branch Manager
Tieffe Group Srl

Clement Shuaibu

Transport and Distribution manager
Nigerbev Limited

Qualified Supply Chain Practitioner


Co-founder and Director

Supply Network Developer
Exxon Mobil

Parul Singh

Senior Technology Supplier Manager
TD Bank

Art of Working


[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!


05.00 AM - GMT
Official opening

05.00 AM
Demand Vs Warehouse Performance
Shady Aljacky – Egypt
05:21 AM
Logistics of the future with third-party companies
Clement Shuaibu – Nigeria
05:42 AM
Human Freight management in the digital era
Alessandro Galati – Italy
06:24 AM
How will the future supply chain and procurement get disrupted by artificial intelligence and blockchain?
Marcell Vollmer – 
06:48 AM
AI-powered robotic unloading of pallets laden with
boxes using artificial intelligence
Michal Maly – Slovakia

07.00 – 07.25 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

07.25 AM
Elastic Logistics as new concept for logistics
George Nizamis – Greece
07:43 AM
Supplier Relationship Management
Parul Singh – Canada
08:05 AM
Next Generation of Supply Chain Leaders 
Atul Holkar – India
08:27 AM
Secure your Supply Chain 
Stefano Tempesta – Australia

08.55 – 09.10 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

09.10 AM
Data Analytics in Supply Chain
Leonardo Cabrera
09:00 AM
S&OP Meetings through experience
Ahmed Hamamsy – United
Arab Emirates
09:30 AM
Optimizing Carbon Footprint and cost of inbound logistics: cloud-based carrier collaboration approach
Dr. Milan Chowdhury – India

10.00 AM
End of Virtual Conference

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